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While I am doing this with my youngest child and thought I already knew a lot about childhood learning, I have learned so many new concepts and techniques through my instructor through our classes. It is impressive the way the instructor narrates the educational, physical and emotional benefits of each activity to the parents while simultaneously engaging the children in an activity, it gives a different perspective on the class from an adults/parents point of view and is something I can take away and build on.

S. Gunasekera

The fun interaction I have with my daughter - seeing the joy that music can bring her and finding fun and enjoyable ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives. She looks forward to her lesson every week and this makes it worth every cent to me!

F. Riepsamen

My daughter enjoys the classes (and I do too). We listen to the CD often, and both my husband and I sing the songs to her when we are out and about, or even just busy doing things around the home. My daughter's face always lights up when we start singing a Kindermusik song. The cost of the classes is offset by how much time every week we make use of the Kindermusik materials.

S. Whitehead

One on one interaction with child and interaction with other children. All activities and materials are educational and fun!

L. Farrugia

I have been taking my baby to Kindermusik since she was 2 months old, and to see her delight in music, and the way we have been able to use it to help her get through every-day life and the joy we get from her enthusiasm for singing and dancing is worth every penny.

S. Raschke

The class is fun and social and our teacher (Dorothy DiLullo) is particularly good at involving everyone and passing on her knowledge. My daughter LOVES it and it's so nice to see her so engaged in music and with the other children.

C. Fulcher

Watching my son get so much out of the program, l would recommend to any mother.

A. Stania

I have found the program very beneficial to my child and want to offer the same experience to others l know.”

S. Raschke

I highly agree with the learning principals taught by our Kindermusik educator.

F. Riepsamen

I just opened and read the report/information you posted out.  I have to say, that I think your little progress reports are fantastic, I really appreciate the effort you put into them and also the way it is personalised to show the development in the child - thank-you!  If only more programs did the same thing!

S. Gunasekera

We do the long and short dances at home with dad, and my son falls asleep to track number 16 (Barn Sull) as well. My grandparents have a recorder and he practices putting his fingers on it whenever his there. You're doing an amazing job.

M. Azzopardi

I noticed she has started to try signing words!! She waves her fingers for "where?" and hugs herself for "love"!! And waves her hands for "all done" when she has had enough to eat.  It's so cute. We are really finding kindermusik has great value in our lives, and this has a lot do with having such a passionate and great teacher.


The program has a lot to offer both children and parents - I find it so rewarding seeing the joy on my daughter's faces - they look forward to each Kindermusik class!

F. Riepsamen

I am so glad I found you. My son loves the music we listen to in class. Every morning when I play the kindersmusik CD, he puts on the biggest smile. He certainly loves listening to you when you sing in class.

K. Luong

Thank you so much for making each and every session so much fun! My son and l get so much out of the classes and we are so happy that we have found an activity that we both love to come to. You put so much passion into what you do and we thank you greatly for it.

T. Latif

My daughter already recognizes “Hop up my Baby” and asks for me to play it by going to the computer where l play the music and says “baby up baby!!”. She puts her hands up for me to carry her. It really made my day today.

A. Lodhiya

My daughter and I had such a great time – I’m so glad that I get the Friday off work especially for Kindermusik.

M. Mehl

My daughter really enjoys coming to the class and we are going to miss it so much and also the other children during the holiday. You are so friendly and fun.

G. Subramaniam

I was so excited to see my daughter standing and dancing in class and also swaying by herself!! As I tell anyone who will listen to me, Kindermusik makes her life so much richer, and my life so much easier and happier as the music from the CD's always helps to calm and settle her when she is being 'challenging'. What I love the most, the previous point aside, is we have made a friend who we value and love seeing every week. Thank you so much for making our lives so much better with the amazing effort you make with the little ones.

S. Raschke

Thank you for the fantastic introduction you have given my son to music. We have both learnt so much this year and have had endless amounts of enjoyment. I can honestly say our relationship with each other has grown deeper as a result of the Kindermusik classes and we have developed a very special bond.

S. Gunasekera

Thank you for an enjoyable year. For all your time and dedication in teaching us many fun things. We look forward to another enjoyable year.

L. Farrugia

Thank you for being such an inspiring and energetic teacher to me and my daughter, We both have gained so much and our lives are so much fuller because of your delivery of Kindermusik.

L. Lodhiya

Thank you so much for all the time, effort and FUN you put into our Kindermusik classes. My daughter and l just love it!

C. Fulcher

Are you sharing a love of music with your child? It’s worth taking the time.

Making treasured memories? Priceless!

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