Kindermusik - an exceptional music and movement program for children aged newborn to 7 years old

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Kindermusik is by no means a program that teaches pre-school aged children how to play piano or organ. Rather, it is an exceptional music and movement program, held each week, for children aged newborn to 7 and their parents.

For more than 30 years it has been the world's most trusted name in music and movement classes for young children. It helps children in so many ways including aiding in the development of language skills, reasoning and math skill, increasing self-control as well as introducing music to children in a fun way and moreover cultivating a life-long love of music.

The learning is fun for both the children and the parents. The children's faces light up in the class and the parents just love to not only participate in the activities with their child but also watch their children smile, socialise, sing, dance and learn with other children their age. It is truly a multisensory learning experience. It sets itself apart from other music and movement classes by its high quality take-home kits filled with books, CD's and storybooks and developmentally appropriate instruments that allow the fun and learning to continue outside of class in the home.

In this way the whole family are able to share in the enjoyment of music and learning. Families and children love it as it really enriches and rewards their lives. It strengthens family bonds within the community. The parents are educated in each class by expert, highly trained and motivated, licensed educators, about how each carefully chosen activity serves a particular purpose in aiding the development of the whole child.

Compared with other music and movement classes it provides the most product and services for the price and so it really is great value. At the end of the Kindermusik journey, a child will have explored to play authentic percussion, string, pre-keyboard and woodwind instruments. This will expose your child to the many choices for future musical study, and at the same time provide your child with the opportunity to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction.

Classes are held at the Springside Community Centre in Becca Way (Caroline Springs).

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