Conditions & Policies

Payment of Fees

  • Payment of fees occurs monthly over a ten month period (February-November).
  • Payment is due in the FIRST week of each month.
  • A $2 discount on the cost per lesson applies for the second sibling attending the Piano & Organ School of Music.
  • Methods of payment include: Electronic Funds Transfer, cash, money order or cheque.

Cancellation of lessons by student

  • Lessons will ONLY be rescheduled (not refunded) if 24 hr notice is given that the lesson will not be attended. Students/parents make a commitment to piano lessons and part of this commitment is to accept that the current fee will be paid per lesson each week regardless if they attend or not.
  • Rescheduled lessons will take place during school holidays and will not carry forward into the next school term.

Cancellation of lessons by teacher

  • Where possible, when the teacher is unable to attend the lesson at the usual allotted time, it will be rescheduled to another day in that week. If this is not possible the cancelled lesson will be re-credited to the following month when the next payment is due.

Termination of Lessons – Refund policy

  • The refund policy for cancellation of tuition in the middle of a month will only apply at the discretion of the director.

Public Holidays

  • The school is closed on all public holidays and therefore lessons that fall on a public holiday will be re-credited to the following month when the next payment is due.

Lesson Times

  • Students are required to arrive for their lesson at the exact appointed lesson time. Lessons run strictly on time to ensure that there is a smooth change over between students.
  • Students late for their scheduled lesson will not have their lesson time extended.
  • It is the parent's responsibility to pick their child/children up on time.

Practise expectations

  • Students are responsible for practising their full assignment and preparing the lesson that has been assigned them.
  • Students must remember to bring the following materials to lessons:
  • Assignment notebook
  • Folder for handouts
  • All books currently in use (even if no piece is assigned in a book that particular week).

Proper grooming and proper studio use

  • Students' fingernails should be kept short as long nails impede good hand position
  • Students' hands should be clean and germ-free out of respect for the other students using the piano, washing hands before the lesson is recommended.
  • Parents and siblings are welcome to quietly use the studio waiting area. Since the waiting area is inside the main studio room, it is essential that parents and younger siblings remain quiet while lessons are being held.

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