Payment Policies

To secure a spot in your chosen class, payment in full of At Home Materials, must be at time of registration. Fees are not refundable for classes missed (unless a Medical Certificate is provided).  If starting during a term, classes will be prorated.

The remaining tuition fee can be paid in instalments (if not in full) throughout the term. If paid in full, before or at the first class, a $10 discount will apply.

Preferred method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer Account name: Dorothy Di Lullo (BSB:063027 Account:10024721 ).

Cash, money orders and cheques are also accepted.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Kindermusik licensed educators are committed to excellence in teaching and service. We ensure this by attending available Kindermusik Professional Development Seminars and Conferences, participating in online courses and conference phone calls etc. as well as ongoing discussion with our colleagues.

Thus we offer you The Kindermusik Guarantee: If, at six weeks of complete attendance at Kindermusik, use of the At Home materials and after consultation and discussion with our director, your satisfaction with Kindermusik is not what we all expected we will refund the balance of your tuition costs less a $30 administration processing fee and less the cost of the Home Materials, which are yours to keep and enjoy. Pro-rated tuition refunds may also be given in case of withdrawal due to unforeseen circumstances, at the discretion of the Director. Notice of 7days is required for all cancellations.

Sibling Discount

Younger siblings who are enrolled in a Kindermusik class will receive a 20% discount on the tuition fee (no other offer available). Sibling Home Material packs are available at a reduced rate.


Classes will be cancelled in the event of teacher illness. Notice will be given prior to class attendance. A credit will be issued in the next term.

Make-up Classes

Due to the limited number of classes being offered in 2011 the opportunity to make-up missed classes is also limited. A credit will be issued in the next term only if a Medical Certificate is provided.

Sick Child Policy

Please be considerate of other children when deciding whether or not your child is healthy enough to attend class. Please follow these guidelines and if you or your child has any of symptoms below, please do not attend class (a credit will be issued in the next term provided a Medical Certificate is provided).

Fever within the last 24 hours; Runny nose with yellow or green mucus; Diarrhea; Vomiting; Sore throat or difficulty swallowing; Lice; Rash or spots on skin, ringworm infection; Severe itching; Mouth sores; Eye discharge; Significant tiredness, irritability, crying; Uncontrolled coughing; Difficulty breathing, wheezing.

Ask yourself this important question…if your child is healthy, would you want him/her playing with another child that has your child's symptoms? If the answer is no, please do not bring him/her to class. If your child exhibits these symptoms, please be advised that in the interest of safety for all children and adults present, we will ask you to leave.

Before Class

Please be aware than some children are very sensitive to certain foods and therefore, we ask you not to bring food or drink into the classroom. Provide snacks for your child at home.

Please leave toys, pacifiers, sipping cups, etc. at home or in the car. Your child will need to have his hands and voice free to participate.

All children need a few minutes to settle into a new environment. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to facilitate a comfortable learning environment.

Listening to the CD frequently will help a child feel a sense of familiarity. This will make the class more enjoyable for them.

Please set your phone to silent or vibrate. We understand that sometimes emergencies arise and you need to take a call. In that case, please step out of the room so that your speaking does not distract the children

During Class

Kindermusik is a special time for you and your child. We encourage you to use the class time to fully enjoy and participate in the activities with your child.

We request both adults and children go barefoot or in socks in Kindermusik. Children learn through their senses, including touch/feel on the bottom of their feet. Barefoot is best for sensory development. It is easiest to experience movement in bare feet.

Toddlers learn by discovery and imitation. So no matter what your voice sounds like or how silly you feel, you are the child's best teacher and they do what you model for them.

Kindermusik is a shared family experience. Unlike a playgroup, Kindermusik is not a time for visiting. Focusing on the activity will help the class move along smoothly, whereas socializing distracts all the children and parents, ultimately leading to a chaotic environment. You are always welcome to come early or stay late to socialize and chat to myself or other parents.

Encourage your child by describing what she did and showing your delight. Using phrases such as “You rang the bells” or “You tapped your sticks very fast”, rather than “Good job” will foster intrinsic motivation in your child and enhance her self-esteem.

Allow your child his or her own response. Your child's response may be to retreat to a corner or wander around the room. Even if your child's response is inward or different, it is still that child's way of learning. It is difficult for parents to watch their child sit motionless or do something completely different than the rest of the class. Our philosophy asks for acceptance and respect of your child's response. We trust the child to interact within the environment when the child is ready. Please refrain from manipulating your child's response. It is appropriate to encourage and model. Remember that Kindermusik is process oriented, not performance.

Classroom Discipline

It is perfectly normal for children to run, tumble, scream, cry, and protest. And all children will do these things. All children have bad days. Please keep in mind, however, that some extremes in behavior (i.e. screaming or anger tantrums etc.), although very natural for a child, may be disruptive during an activity.

If your child does become upset or disruptive, all we ask is to please take them outside the room to calm and comfort them before returning back in the room to join in the next activity. There is no need to feel bad, indifferent or embarrassed. Today it might be your child and next week it may be someone else's. This helps the class move smoothly and keeps all the children focused.

Running is not permitted for the safety of the children. Please stop any “contagious behavior” that will affect the class.

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