Home Materials

What are the at Home Materials?

Home Materials are an important part of every Kindermusik program. The Kindermusik At-home materials include the highest-quality music CDs, creative activities, beautifully illustrated children's books and specially designed instruments. These materials have been created to compliment the Kindermusik classroom experience.


Village At Home Materials

  • Baby’s Literature Book - Board book with delightful, colourful artwork
  • Baby’s Home Journal - Book that includes home activities
  • Baby’s instrument – Age appropriate
  • Home CD - Features all songs and chants from class plus more!
  • Art Banners (two) - Aids baby’s visual and language development
  • Clear Vinyl Storage and Carry Bag - Complete with handles, snaps and logo!

Our Time At Home Materials

  • Two Home CDs
  • Two Colourfully Illustrated Literature Books
  • A Family Activity Book
  • A Colourful Child-Sized Bag/carrier
  • Specially Designed Instrument

Imagine That At Home Materials

  • Two Home CDs
  • Two Colourfully Illustrated Literature Books
  • An Interactive Play Set
  • A Family Activity Book
  • A Colourful Child-Sized Bag
  • Specially Designed Instrument

Why are the At Home Materials important?

Family involvement in your child's learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the Kindermusik philosophy. We believe that the parent is a child's most important teacher (not the classroom educator), and the home is the most important place for a child's learning to take root and grow. This is why the At Home Materials become an integral part of the Kindermusik experience.

It is not uncommon for a child to attend for several weeks before feeling comfortable in class. What a child is absorbing in class is often evidenced in the comfort of the home environment rather than in a certain level of participation in class. The understanding and consistency of the parent in the class and at home are the key to facilitating musical learning and growth.

You and your child will benefit enormously from the Kindermusik experience, if you make active use of your At Home Materials. Reinforcement and enjoyment of the Kindermusik materials make all the difference in a child's comfort and security in the classroom.

Music should not be limited to 45 minutes a week; it could be 45 minutes a day! The activities practiced in class are designed to give parents ideas, to make playtime at home more purposeful. As Kindermusik becomes integrated into the family's daily life, the cost of tuition and materials become spread over many, many hours during the week, decreasing the “cost per hour spent” and increasing the value of the program.

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