Foundations Of Learning

Education takes place in the classroom with the inclusion of Kindermusik Foundations of Learning™.  Kindermusik Foundations of Learning™ are scientific explanations of how Kindermusik enhances the natural growth systems of the young mind and body.  These learning insights are based on the most current early childhood development research and are communicated in class by the educator, as well as being printed on materials that go home to extend the learning process. You'll learn how much contributes to enhanced language development, preparation for reading, inhibitory control, attention, awareness and more.


Foundation of Learning™ statements in every class mean that parents get to learn too!

Here are a few examples of how foundations of Learning are incorporated in class:

Steady beat

We give the children the opportunity to develop the concept of a steady beat in every class. Feeling a steady beat is important for developing a sense of time.

Why is this important?

  • helps to develop smoother flow of speech
  • coordination
  • bouncing a ball
  • riding a bike
  • using scissors
  • (also an important musical skill!)
How can you help with this at home?
  • Clap hands, tap to the beat or play any toy percussive instruments you may have at home along with music (or the take home CD)
  • Rocking or bouncing your child on your lap when you sing them a lullaby or song.


We do a lot of repetition in the classes.

Why is this important?

This is how children learn.

  • Allows for building and expansion of familiarity and involvement from the children.
  • Each time a child is exposed to a new thing or experience a neural connection is made in the brain. Through repetition these connections are strengthened – LEARNING OCCURS!
How can you help with this at home?
  • REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT – children thrive on it. Children do not tire of repetition as quickly as us adults.

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